When and how to use ActiLady


The menstrual pain profile various between women, although it mostly appears during the first two days of the menstruation. It can also appears only on the second day or even during the last few days of menstruation. 

Most commonly, menstrual pain begins a few hours prior to the observation of any bleeding or discharge. This is because once the shedding of the inner uterine layer (endometrium) has started, it activates the cramping mechanism (see dysmenorrhea for extensive explanation). The first bleeding or discharge signs can be seen only after the menses liquid manages to flow from the uterus, through the cervix into the vaginal cavity and then out of the body, which can take quite some time. The ideal time to start using ActiLady is when the level of pain is still low, which sometimes means beginning to use it a few hours before any visible bleeding/discharge is observed.

ActiLady is used just like any regular tampon with an applicator. ActiLady is designed to position itself inside the vagina adjacent to the entrance to the cervix (cervical os), nevertheless, to make sure that it is well positioned it is recommended to insert the applicator as deeply as possible. The device automatically activated when the applicator is withdrawn. ActiLady's internal sealed battery lasts over five hours, and during this time the absorbent material absorbs the secreted menses just like an ordinary tampon. Since ActiLady is not heard or felt it can be discreetly used while doing any activity, just like a regular tampon. 

ActiLady is disposable and single-use.   After use, ActiLady should be pulled out of the vagina using the attached string.  If desired, the sealed battery can be easily separated, and recycled as desired. The remaining parts of Actilady should not be flushed, but can be disposed of with other household waste.