What is ActiLady and how does it work?



ActiLady is a tampon-shaped device inserted into the vaginal cavity using an applicator, just like a regular tampon. 

ActiLady is designed to treat primary dysmenorrhea by treating the source of the problem rather than treating the symptoms, as is the case with analgesics or hormones. ActiLady is non invasive and it doesn’t use any chemicals that intervene with the natural cycles of the body. In addition, ActiLady is a highly effective, over the counter, easy to use consumer product.

ActiLady is used at the beginning of the menses cycle, when the pain level is still low. It is inserted into the body through the use of an applicator.  The movement of the applicator automatically activates the ActiLady device, which is self-positioned adjacent to the cervical os.  

ActiLady has been tested in two clinical studies which demonstrated its high efficacy and safety. The use of one or two devices at the onset of bleeding, when the pain is still low, is sufficient to significantly alleviate the pain for the whole duration of the menstruation. 

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